Father and Daughter

By: Keri Wiginton

May 20 2011

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A lot of times when I go on assignments that aren’t about a particular event, the subject says “what do you want me to do?” followed by “sorry I’m so boring.” These pictures came out of one of those occasions. The story is about a man, and former chef, who had brain surgery after suffering from repeated seizures. The surgery left him without the ability to work, drive or be alone for extended periods of time. I knew he was nervous about doing “enough” to make a picture, so I spent a good hour with my camera on the floor just talking to him about his experience and how his life had changed after the surgery. I’ve found this method is better than just being quiet in a corner hoping they forget you’re there. One thing that really struck me was how much he seemed to really cherish the time he now gets to spend with his daughters. I knew that was the picture that needed to be made.

These particular shots came after I suggested (again) that they just act like I wasn’t there. Luckily, his 3-year-old daughter chimed in with “I want to go swing!” My favorite photo is the top one, but the bottom one ran in the paper. The top photo was taken from inside their treehouse and I feel like it captured a real moment between him and his daughter where he, finally, could feel like I wasn’t there.

© Keri Wiginton/Chicago Tribune


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