The non-killing aspect of hunting

By: Keri Wiginton

Feb 28 2011

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This past hunting season I was paired with two great Chicago Tribune writers (Monica Eng, top photo, and Barbara Brotman, second from top) to work on a story about how and if two urbanites could learn how to ethically eat their own meat.

I’m vegan, so my ethical meat eating means I don’t eat meat (or eggs, honey or dairy). However, most everyone else does. My editors asked if I’d be OK sticking with the story since I was vegan. These two ladies are animal lovers and wanted to find a way to do it in a more humane way, so I agreed to go on this journey with my colleagues to see if this ethical, sustainable option would be possible. If people are going to eat meat, I would rather they do it this way rather than pretending like factory farms are a better option. Neither one killed a deer this season (much to my relief, i have to admit), so a lot of our time was spent in the dark, cold, (pretty) wilderness. Here are some of those pictures.

(Keri Wiginton/Chicago Tribune)


One comment on “The non-killing aspect of hunting”

  1. beautiful seeing!

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